Arizona Cardinals vs Philadelphia Eagles NFL Live Stream

cardinals vs eagles

Arizona Cardinals vs Philadelphia Eagles
Arizona Cardinals victory over the Colts in their last game, now means they have won three games in a row. Not to mention the Arizona are only one-game back of having a .500 record with four weeks left to play. However, the same problems that plagued on their last long road trip plagued them again by Bruce Arians' bunch .

The time zone change, coupled with the early start, had the Cardinals all out of sorts. Two first-half turnovers put them in hole they were never able to dig out of. Even though Cardinals been able to win at home, they've proven to be lousy on the road.

Yet that shouldn't come as a surprise. Plain and simple, the Arizona  don't have enough talent to match up with some of the better teams in the National Football Conference.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Arizona Cardinals
This is a very winnable game for the Philadelphia , especially coming off of a no week game.

The Arizona  overhauled some key components of their roster in the offseason, bringing in a new head coach Bruce Arians and a new QB Carson Palmer.

Cardinals goal on offense will still be to get the ball to seven-time Pro Bowler Larry Fitzgerald as much as possible, although 2012 first-round pick Michael Floyd is another receiving threat. The offensive line is poor despite the addition of Jonathan Cooper rookie guard, which means the Philly need to put pressure on Palmer often.

Last year, the Philadelphia scored just six points in an awful Week three loss to the Arizona, thanks largely to three lost fumbles. The key will be pounding the ball on the ground against last season twenty eight-rated rushing defense, all the while not turning it over.

Prediction: Philadelphia  30, Arizona 27



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